10 Interview Strategies


1. Screening method

Screening methods are generally implemented when the employer has a large candidates they want to narrow down to a more manageable number.

2. Behavioral interview

In this, candidates are asked to show their experience, skills and activities etc -. Examples of previous behavior

3. Stress method

The stress process is created to find candidates who can handle stress situations, and handle it well. For some jobs, jobholders has to work under high pressure so that employers need to check this ability candidate.

4. Situational interview

A situational approach uses hypothetical situations / events in the form of a question. Candidates are asked how they would react if they up to the event. The situational interview, jobseekers are asked to respond to specific situations they may face in their work, and some of its elements are similar conduct interviews.

5. Phone interview

phone is a procedure conducted by telephone. Most screening interviews done by telephone interview. A phone interview is also used when candidates living in other countries.

6. Face to face

face to face interview (0:59 interview) is the interview process and just involves the interviewer and interviewee alone in a private office. This is also known traditional interview where job seekers meet employers face to face

7. Group

all candidates / job seekers will be in the same room during the interview with one or any interview.

8. Panel

A panel is a technology that allows any party rental company to interview the interviewee at the same time. A panel mentioned interview one participant.

9. Unstructured technology

unstructured interview process are interviews where questions can be changed to meet the identified respondent, understanding.

10. Structured techniques

The interviewer usually set / series of questions that are asked of all the candidates. The participants read the questions exactly as they appear on the questionnaire.


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