5 Things You Must Do Before a job interview


So you just found out you have a job interview tomorrow and unfortunately procrastination is a weakness that you have not yet won. Here are the down and dirty tips to pull it together at the last minute.

1. Look at the job posting you are applying for, and develop a sound bite to address the needs of the employer. Think of examples where you demonstrated the skills that appear in the job posting and develop answers that clearly show the employer that you are the perfect candidate for this position. All sound bites should be 2-3 minutes in length.

2. Use the TODAY acronym of developing more sound bites from your experience. TODAY stands for Teamwork, overcome obstacles, Duties of the last places, achievements, strengths and weaknesses. Remember to clearly describe exactly what you did in every situation. The employer is hiring you, not other people in history.

3. Investigate the company. Search the Internet for recent releases and a look at the company’s website. Know what they do, and develop some idea of ​​how the position you are hiring to fall within the company.

4. Think of questions to ask the interviewer. Look at the job site and research about the company and think of 3-5 questions you can ask in the interview. What are you curious about? Do they produce a product that you are familiar with, or never knew existed before you started researching the company? Where does this department fit in the grand scheme of the company? What projects is the department currently working on?

5. Finally, prepare answers to the following questions: Tell me about yourself, ‘Why did you leave the last position, or why are you looking for a new job, why should I hire you, and the salary question. You know that these questions will be asked in one form or another, so there is no excuse not to have prepared a response.

And that’s it. Interview’s just that simple when it is broken into it’s simplest things. Focus on preparing answers to all the above cases, you will be ahead of the game. Remember to clearly articulate to each sound bite exactly what you did. Practice with a tape recorder to criticize you, or a friend to repeat back to you what you did in a position to make sure you’re preparing right.

For more tips, use the link below to buy brochure “Successful Job Interviews Revealed.”, Or attending the upcoming “sweaty palms and awkward answers” Continuing Education class in Stamford. And yes, I’m always trying to fit in a last minute coaching appointment for interview emergencies.

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