8 Tips on How to excel in job interviews


You have done the hard work to complete an application form or CV and you find out that you have an interview for a job you’re interested in going. Often when it comes to the interview stage people perform well below their best. Yes nerves are a factor and everyone has them.

So how can you excel in interviews? Here are my top 8 tips.

1. Be prepared. So often candidates turn up for interviews ill-prepared. They have not found out about the company, issues and sorrows and plans for the future. Take the time to do this, and you will be by the power of early

2. Think about possible questions that might be asked. Strange as it may seem, by spending a few hours jotting down possible questions and answers as you may probably be ready for about 50% of the questions that are asked. You can not get the exact question, but probably will get a variation on the theme

3. Listen effectively. If you are going to give a good answer, you need to listen to the question being asked. It will allow you to give a powerful and organized response to the question

4. Be succinct. When you answer questions, what you are aiming to do is give the caller confidence that you know what you’re talking about- not give verbal essay. For example, imagine the interviewer asks you what are the greatest challenges in the management team? You could talk forever. Instead of trying to appoint, in fact, keep people motivated and balanced time control and do. If the interviewer wants more they will ask

5. Be honest. A typical question is what are your weaknesses? Do not under any circumstances say you do not have any. At the same time do not shoot yourself in the foot. Try something like, I see weakness as an opportunity for development. Some areas I’m working on now are ….

6. Remember, it is a two way process. Candidates often forget that the interview is as much for them to find out if this is a business and people that they could work with as it is the interviewer to find out if you could do the job and fit

7. Have 2 or 3 good questions to ask them. Good interviewers will always give candidates the opportunity to ask questions. Ill-prepared candidates will ask about pay, holidays, benefits. Candidates who excel will ask what it is to work there, how the company will promote the development of their future plans for companies and individuals in the coming years

8. Ask for feedback. Whether you get the job or not ask for feedback on what they liked about you and what was missing. Good employers will take the time to give feedback

At the end of the day, what makes you stand out are the small but important details. So pay attention to them and go out and excel in your next interview.


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