Banking Interview Questions


Banking interviews designed to assess the potential candidate to see if he / she has the ability to be placed in any suitable position in the bank. Banking interview questions designed to measure attitudes, skills and adaptability of the applicants, for the determination of / qualifications; his company. Interviewers will ask as many questions as they think is necessary before hiring any candidate they are concerned that the quality and skills of employees will determine the future of the company.

To be successful banking interview process, you have to be well prepared to deal with a different set of banking interview questions. Banking Interview Questions also begins with some general questions about the candidates, such as his / her family background, education and interests. The second and third set of banking interview questions will be designed to know the candidate experience, character, ability, ideology and ability to solve problems. Reply to fist set of banking interview questions related to your family, qualifications, or future planning will be quite easy.

Let us discuss some of the common but very effective banking interview questions.

interviewer usually start with ‘tell me about yourself. “It is a common opener is intended to set the ball rolling for the next few minutes ahead. Even though this is a common question that will be asked in most interviews can score brownie points by answering the question a little differently, but at the same time not to deviate much from the context

Another asked general banking interview questions are :.

General Questions

Why did you choose banking as your profession?

Have previous experience?

Why you left your previous job?

Why do you want to work for us?

How long will you be with us?

Where you see yourself in five years?

Finance related banking interview questions

If you can buy a stock today, what would it be and why?

Can you explain the impact of rising interest rates on the United States economy?

What are the main points of ABC Company has to address before entering a particular industry (Porter framework)?

Explain the methods you use to value companies?

What do you mean by the cost of capital?

When using WACC against the cost of capital?

Behavioral Questions

Do you have leadership quality? Can you explain when you show leadership?

Have you think you can do well in a group?

What is most known your achievements?

What are the positive symptoms or your strengths?

What are the negative traits or weaknesses?

What you can do for the company other people can not?

Explain instances when you had a personal conflict and how you solved it?

Tell when you had a moral problem and how to solve it.

What type of person do you think hard to get along with?

The above mentioned are some of the most common questions that are used by most banking interviewers. Remember that for the bank job interviewer, there can not be a dearth for questions. So be well prepared before attending an interview and answer all the questions in a positive way. Remember, if you have the content they are looking for, you’ll get it.


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