How to handle a courtesy Job Interview


The search for employment, an applicant must be aware of the courtesy interview. A courtesy job is one where the company recruiter has no plans to recruit a candidate, but conducts the interview anyway. The courtesy interview is known to human resource departments, and the implementation is carried out in all areas of the recruitment process.

There are also interviews which are ceremonial. The reviewer has already made up his mind or her to hire the candidate, and the meeting is perfunctory. Interview courtesy on the other hand, is a pretense of interest. There are some experts who believe it shows a lack of respect to job applicants. At least, it supports an incredible disservice to the applicant, and a waste of time for both parties. If carried out carelessly, it can leave the candidate with a bad taste in the mouth. Why, then, do recruiters, headhunters, former colleagues, Fortune 500 companies, etc pursue courtesy interviews

The answer is found in two types of courtesy interviews

• After about ten minutes or so , it is clear to the interviewer that you are not the right fit for the company. But he or she wants to be polite, and will continue to interview another twenty to thirty minutes before thank you for your visit;

• The interviewer is just seeing you out of obligation or personnel policy. Whether the interviewer is interested in you, he or she will still go out of courtesy and / or respect.

How, then, you know you are in a courtesy interview? Here are some samples:

• The first sentence may be, “I just wanted to see where you are in your career search.” This is a fishing expedition. Interviewer’m curious about what you’ve done since the last job, as a company that you have talked to so far, or to pump the information not relevant to the job hunt,

• “We had already completed the final interview when we got new. After watching the impressive cover letter and again, we thought we should talk to you before the final decision “. This means that a person higher up in the company asked the candidate to apply. This information was in the cover letter. For the interviewer, he or she is just doing it out of respect for, or fear, company manager.

• “As you know, we’re equal employment business. We take seriously the mind when we interview candidates.” This is done to prevent discrimination lawsuit. Some companies receiving funds required to conduct at least 3 interviews with candidates of diverse backgrounds. On a positive note, it could also mean that the company is sincere in hiring diversity of applicants, with you.

Ten to fifteen minutes should be long enough to know if you are in a real interview or speak to a man just to go through the steps. It is clear that he or she has no desire to hire you. What should you do when you realize that you are a courtesy interview?

• Ignoring inappropriate questions the interviewer, and do an interview of a lifetime. Dazzle and impress. Why? He or she may decide to refer you to other companies that want to hire you. Or, recruiter may think that you are not right for the current job, but is perfect for other open positions within the company;

• Using much tact, end the interview. Let’s say you do not believe you are the right fit for the job, and will not waste either of your time,

• No matter how you feel, do not be rude or show how angry you feel. You can see this person again,

• Always thank the interviewer for talking to you. It depends on how you and the interviewer clicked asking for references so you do not feel it has been a waste

• Take stock of the interview. Take note of the positive things. When the conversation seem to excite recruiter? What material did him or her to ask follow questions?

It’s always difficult to go through one interview after another, without knowing whether you are wasting your time. Do not take it personally. The job hunting market is very competitive. Look at the politeness interview one piece of several that the unemployed person will experience on the job search.

Job applicants should seek employment as daily duty. You must be diligent, consistent, and determined to find a job that suits your skills, experience, education and temperament. Your task is to convince the company that you are the right person for the job.

positive attitude will go a long way towards setting a negative session in the past. Do not let one bad interview experience kill your spirit. Look forward to; maintain daily job searching habits, and work to get an interview with the next company you want.


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