I can not get an interview, much less Job


as a career counselor, career guidance professional, and HR professional who has hired or placed 1,300+ professionals, my source for many articles come from questions I’m asked that staffing professional.

Now the question is, “Jim, I can not find work. What should I do?” I’ve heard it again and again and again. I literally said this in one form or another ten times a week

Let me help you with a simple answer :. Go back to the basics I taught you and perform “I know it sounds football-ish. Or primary, but this is true, accurate and excellent directional. Go back to the basics …

First, the do not believe all the “doom and gloom” on television. If it is 9% or 15% unemployment, it is 91% or 85% participation rate Get the positive side of the equation.

Next, you are by-and-pray job searcher or proactive job searcher? Post and pray does not have a high percentage of success. If, and it is great if you have unique skills, and if these skills are well represented on the new phone, and if a search targets skill, and if, if, if, then you might get a call.

What works?

First, I will almost guarantee that you do not have to spend six to eight hours a day looking for work . Guaranteed! What are you spending? Two hours a day? Okay, you spend three hours a day. whoopee. Anything less than six hours a day is like doing nothing. You can also stick to the “post and pray.” I lay still posting new; just do not expect to be the only deal.

Okay. What do you do?

Spend time networking. Church. School. Organization of parents and teachers. Everywhere and anywhere. Network. Have a 30-Second elevator speech ready to tell you-are-and-what-you-are-looking-for, the card with your name, mobile number, email address and specialty.

And do not be shy!

I met a former “client” and 16-year-old son had to poke him to show his card company and give him a 30-second elevator speech. Do not be shy.

But if not Job boards and you are network, you are spend the necessary hours, you should be looking for?

First, target specific companies. Find a company you could or might be interested in and information on the company. Your time will not be wasted since if you are able to get an interview, specific questions will be, “tell me what you know about XYZ?”

Then go to CAREERS section. Not every open job from the company will be on the job boards; but they will be the work section of the company website.

With this information, you can start a detailed job search.

important to be specific in terms of improving the “desired Job Title” to your resume, and display of past experience how-you-can-add-value to the company. Companies do not want to know what they can do for you; Companies want to know what you can do for them. Period.


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