Ice Breaking Job Interview Questions


When you enter the first interview, the opening question is always designed to introduce you so you feel comfortable in the environment before the questions become more specific. Generally speaking, the “ice breaking questions” are broad, yet they can be so important in how they affect the rest of the interview.

Just like in a sports game, the opening minutes of the game are not where the game can be won, but where it can possibly be lost. The same goes for an interview – you’re not going to get a job because the answer you give, but you can lose the job with your answer. Although the ice breaking question will be general questions about you or how the day is going, remember this is the first impression a hiring manager by you. Giving off the wrong first impression can significantly affect the outcome of the interview

Example :.

• Tell me a little about yourself …

• Were there any problems to find our office today?

• Have you ever our location before?

• If there is a major sporting event like the Olympics go to the hiring manager may ask something along the lines of “Have you been following the Olympics?”

• Would you like some coffee or a glass of water?

• Are you enjoying this weather?

• Why have you applied for this role? (Trickier ice breaker question)

The most important aspect of answering the ice breaking question is to build an early rapport with the interviewer. As I mentioned, you’re not going to get a job just because you answer ice breaking question in a brilliant way, but to answer the question in the wrong way can give off the wrong first impression

Tips :.

• Keep answer related question and a short and polite. This is not the time to tell the interviewer life story you

• Do Enska – “Very well thank you, how are you?” If you’re asked how you are doing the correct answer would be, or “Fine thank you, how are you today? ” – The use of slang or lazy English can create an unprofessional or even reckless ride

How to blow ice breaking question

A colleague of mine was interviewing candidates for the new role .. As a polite introduction he would ask candidate if they find the company building in particular. Most candidates smiled and said yes to this question. One candidate, however, told the interviewer how it took him a long time to find the house and how his train was late. He rambled on for 2 minutes of the difficulty in finding the house. Before the interview was officially even begun he had a negative impact on the interviewer. He had lost his job before the interview was even started.


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