Interview Expenses: Should be refunded forthe


you should get reimbursed for Interview travel expenses?

I have helped a large number of users that work had to travel a fair distance to get to the interview.

In most cases, the hiring manager I was dealing with would achieve a fair interview fees.

In some cases it was quite easy answer especially when it comes flying in person. In this case, I’ve never had the experience where businesses need someone to fly interviews and not pick up the cost ie .. I have never had a job searcher to pay out own pocket to fly in an interview.

A reasonable company would cover the costs for flying an interview, I believe, if they were really interested in character and were interested in acquiring a reputation as a fair company.

It does not take long for the company to get a reputation for doing things the “wrong way” and this case to be cheap if they force potential employees to pay for their own airfare their hotel, etc!

But what if you need to carry interview travel expenses for out of town interview you drive to?

This is probably the case to deal with this situation in each case.

Of course I’m not talking about asking interview travel expenses for driving across town for an interview and hope to interview the company will pay for gas or parking. I would not expect that although I have heard of some hiring managers who offer to take care of parking fees.

I’m talking about situations where you have to drive a long distance, maybe a couple of hours or more, and one that might have to stay.

I had one client who was a 4 hour drive from where I worked, and then by job candidates I was sending this client lived in my city, most of these people were taking an 8 hour trip (again) to attend the interview.

Some had to go back for a second interview.

These companies usually only covered driving costs for people who had to run back for a second interview in which they tried to interview people over one day to avoid having to ask the recipient to come back.

I would recommend to ask potential recruitment process businesses if they would take up interview travel expenses if they do not do it?

Unfortunately, this is a matter not one that necessarily is black or white answer because it really depends on the specifics. The best thing you can do is to look at things in each case use common sense.

You do not want to miss out on a job in asking to be reimbursed for $ 20 in gas, do you?

If travel costs are significant and you’re working with a recruiter, you might ask them if their client picks up travel and get their assistance. If you are dealing directly with the company without recruiter, it will probably be a judgment call on your behalf.

Mind you if that travel costs are significant and the company does not offer to pay or refuses to pay for them, it could be a not-so-subtle hints about how this company treats people.

We do not live in a perfect world, unfortunately.

Certainly if you need to be flown in the interview I would be surprised if the company did not pick up the cost but if you are driving, the company can handle things on a case by case or simple expect you to achieve them.


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