Interview Icebreakers


The source of unsuccessful interviews is a formality, dryness questions and by the behavior of both, the candidate and the interviewer. Your job as the interviewer is to make the candidate feel at ease so that they would talk about who they truly are and stop guessing what you want them to be. “Icebreakers” can be a great solution to break away from a scripted talk, turning the interview into a successful one and find the perfect candidate who is the best fit for your business.

A Front Desk manager at a prominent downtown Denver hotel would choose a very relaxing and quiet corner of the restaurant and begin his interview with a warm smile: “Tell me about you I really want to know who?” John “is I want to know what is hiding behind? This great clothes!” And bam, instant smile on the face of the applicants. No more intimidation and nervousness. Now he can start talking about who he is certainly not what the next hotel employee should be

Do not go overboard with icebreaker questions. you do not want to have a comedy show of hands. Use one or two questions to start the interview should suffice

Stay away from personal questions that can lead to a lawsuit, such as :.

– What is your age?

– Do you have any children?

– Are you planning to take maternity leave in the next 2 years?

– Do you go to church on Sundays?

– And so on …

following icebreaker questions are more appropriate to begin the interview process

– How are you doing? Did you get any trouble getting here? Do you want a cup of coffee / tea?

– Tell a funny story about how you got into work this morning. Make something up. Smile, this will break the ice.

– Tell me something unique about you …. What a relaxing activity best helps you relieve stress?

– Have you ever visited our location before today? What do you think about our facilities?

– Did you get too wet in the rain? I’m soaking (weather discussions are easy and add some humor)

– What draws you to this city? (Perfect question for out-of-state candidate)

Always remember, the icebreaker interview questions should only take a few minutes. Just think of it as a warm up exercise. You can move to the interview questions, job description, expect responsibility, etc.


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