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Interview Questions – what they have

dream every applicant to know the interview questions for the actual interview. If I could provide them for you I’d probably be a millionaire and retired now! However, what I can do is to allow you to work out what is likely to be asked and how to provide the best answer. Most companies now use what is known as skill-based interviews. These are designed to get evidence of how the applicant for the job has really shown a particular skill or behavior. If you are asked to attend an alternative center or group interview it will be 1: 1 interview as part of the process and this is most likely going to be competence based. I can also give you instructions on how to answer these tough interview questions about strengths and weaknesses. Many people seem to worry about what to say when the interviewer asks them if they have any questions -. There are some examples of what to ask at the end of


companies look at the jobs and the people who are successful in them and based on this information to create a set of behavioral and technical skills. The good news is that these sets of skills are very similar, although they have different names. A typical list of behavioral skills could be

  • performance targeting – the ability to focus and deliver projects and projects on time
  • Problem Solving – the ability to look at all the information and solve problems
  • Team skills – able to work as part of a team
  • interpersonal skills – friendly engaging way able to get on with all types of people
  • Communication – can clearly communicate, clear and understandable, able to get the message across
  • Customer interaction – you can build a good relationship with customers and deal with potentially difficult situations
  • Leadership – can lead, motivate and develop a team

In addition to these behavioral skills there will be some technical skill requirements, such as, medium level IT skills, this will be especially true in practice job.

So what are the interview questions?

The first thing to do is have a look at the job advert, or the person specification if you have one. This will give a strong indication of what the company is looking for. So if the ad says the ideal candidate will be a team player, you can almost guarantee that you will be asked for an example of where you have shown such skill.

Second, you could ask the company if they have a list of skills for the job and they could send it to you. Large organizations are often very happy to do this.

Once you have worked out the skills you are ready to prepare answers. Why do you need to prepare in advance? Well interview questions will be based on a format like this

‘Could you give an example of where you have had to deal with customer complaints? What did you do? And what was the result? “

Instead complaint customer you can replace it with any other skill other questions such as

‘Could you tell us a time where you had to work as part of a team? What was your role and how did you deal with conflict ‘

You do not want to be thinking about who is the best example of your every fitness venue in an interview – this will make you seem hesitant and you could take a poor example. By preparing in advance you can be much more relaxed and confident. This way you can focus on communicating to answer and disseminate good job interviewer

One item Finally. – If you do not have a specific example from work, perhaps because it is the first job, look for examples from school, college, university or leisure interests. Most people, for example, worked as part of a team – it may have been a college project or team sports

So what are the answers

You.? to find a good example of your experience for each competence. Then you structure your answer as a car. This is the context, actions, because. So let’s use the question “Could you give an example of where you have had to deal with customer complaints? What did you do? And what was the result?”

  • Context (30 second description of the situation); When I worked for XYZ retailer I had to deal with a very angry customer who had asked about the delivery that never came.
  • Action (about 2 minutes on what you did?); I could see that they were really frustrated and had lost his job. So the first thing I did was to make sure I heard what had happened rather than find an excuse. I sympathize with their situation and asked them if they would like me to rearrange delivery or if they would stop their order. I also offered to get them a specific delivery slot and waste shipping.
  • Result (about 1 minute on the outcome of the action); The client could see I took their complaint seriously, and by listening to them I was able to give them a little time to calm down. Because I was able to fall on the shipping and promise a specific hour time slot they do not stop them. The plus was that they wrote to our head office about how I had handled their complaint.

So for each skill that you have a good example in the car answer format. Make sure your description of the context is short; spend more time on the action you took and the result. Overall the answer should be no longer than 3 minutes. Then practice responses for each skill with a friend -. Yes it will be embarrassing, but I promise you it will make the interview much easier

Other Interview Questions

There are three other interview questions that seem to cause people trouble this is how you should respond to them

  • Tell us about you (or your career to date); this is usually the white run through your CV. It is the first question and therefore it is important that you can do it well. You should exercise to be able to do this no more than 4 minutes maximum. Make sure that you are able to pull out the things that are most relevant to the job you are interviewing.
  • strengths and weaknesses ; this is where you have the opportunity to highlight why you’re the right man for the job. Pick concentration or concentration that is most appropriate for the job (think of the ad – what was necessary?). For weaknesses to choose one that any employer see that strength. For example, ‘I can sometimes get frustrated with people who do not seem to care about the quality of their work. I am aware of this and can usually make sure I stay calm. Immediate response become sometimes. Make sure you say this as a weakness seems to be a permanent problem. Other weaknesses that you can use would be -. Being a bit of a perfectionist, working long hours to get things done at the expense of your leisure
  • Is there anything you would like to ask me? You do not have a question here and if you do not it will not count against you. But if you do not it is an opportunity missed. This is your opportunity to show your interest in the company or motivation etc. You might ask what career prospects, or the training available, or the piece of news you’ve read about the company. This would all be considered positive questions.

If you follow the instructions you will be prepared for any interview. This will allow you to be confident, relaxed and come across well. As a career coach, I use this method with my clients and I know it works and has enabled them to succeed in a job that they want.


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