IT Job Interview – The Basics of Technical Interview


Most information technology job interviews involve telephone interviews, technical interviews and sometimes a personal interview. The phone interview is a presentation for the purpose of determining whether there is a preliminary match. The job expectations are spelled out including specific duties, transport, wages, overtime, hours of work, team environment, career development, benefits and promotion.

The personal interview has a lot to do with seeing the environment and meeting key employees including managers and answer technical and non-technical questions that show the attitude and personality profile.

technical interview is key filter tool most business use, and the focus of this article. Technically interview is usually done over the telephone, however, can be in person. Companies want to know that you have at least basic technical skills and knowledge specific to the opportunity before proceeding with a personal interview. If a company has a lot of candidates technical interview could be an important and sometimes strict. Candidates would then have a difficult interview that goes beyond the job posting to see how deep the candidate skill set covers.

There is no set specifications for technical interviews. In some cases it may be some questions that are basic and some discussion about a particular experience. Discussion of experiences will often lead to questions about the precise and leading questions from the duties and tasks. In some cases, the interview is a list of increasingly difficult questions that measure basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge on the topics.

Companies should spend some time designing interview shows technical expertise from basic to specific skills belonging job itself. The format could be multiple choice, what if scenarios, and the fundamental question and answer. Asking the interviewer what will be the subject of the interview is always a good idea and seek comments from other parties in interview style, etc.

The network administrator interview often consists of questions relating to the OSI model, campus protocols, WAN protocols, routing and switching commands, infrastructure design and network server administration. You should know basic routing and switching process, Troubleshooting instructions, protocol selection and behavior, network management and security.


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