Job Interviews and Stam


Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking for people and a lot of anxiety high, people tend to fumble up their interviews. Even the most confident people can be caught by surprise with some questions that employers come up with. While nervousness is normal with most people, the level of nervousness and anxiety will be at an all time high for stutterers try out a job interview. This is because many employers prefer non stutterers that stutterers because they do not trust the efficiency of the stutterer. While some jobs really can not stutterers because of the nature of the job, some employers refuse stutterers the job for no apparent reason.

Stutterers have a disadvantage when it comes to proving their skills but it will also leave them to many famous people have proven merit despite the stuttering problem. This should encourage stutterers try their best before giving up something. While it’s understandable that Stutterers get jittery just before the interviews, it is necessary that they keep their cool to work well in interviews. This prevents them from worsening problem of stuttering and help them in facing the interview better. Confidence in themselves and their abilities will be developed before the interview so that they coasts not approach the interview.

Another thing to Stutterers have to do the interview is to inform employers of their disability so that it does not look like they are hiding the negatives from their employers. It also stutterers in a good light to employers that they are able to understand the trauma and make changes accordingly. Also, confesses that stuttering does stutterer more confident that they do not have to fear that their disability will find out and also makes relieve employers misunderstanding candidate is very nervous.

Although Stutterers tend to take disability upfront their interviews, there are some employers who pass from choosing them because of their disability. This attitude must change, and employers must realize Stutterers have the same potential and are capable enough as other candidates. Alternative jobs must be based on merit and not on their disability unless the job requires much talk. Some countries also allow ordering severe stutterers and this will be provided to them if they are considered disabled in any way.


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