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Alright folks, this is something I do not think we fall, but we need to discuss it has far reaching consequences for both applicants and an important employer. The interview length, and be focused, I’m talking more with really short interview, but longer interview. When interviewed some business over the phone and the interview takes less than 15 minutes, an unusual candidate will pass under the impression that the process has gone badly. NEMA, the company takes it upon himself to point candidate that things were positive and following the meeting is in the works. You might ask why I bring this up …. Talent acquisition.

Recruiting is what we do here, helping the company to the very core of their business need by bringing leading experts to their doorstep examined the personal and concise manner. People company, no way around it. Unless there is some unique business model that does not require people, talent is the only way to grow the business. The way a company presents itself in the interview process is most effective if candidates will be interested in their roles. For some reason, most companies forget that candidates are interviewed them just as much as they are interviewing candidates. As for many reasons companies may not pursue a candidate, there are even more reasons a candidate might not sought business. Moving parts within the company and diverse personality of the interview process make the issue even more important to the company than the employee.

not the substance, but with the above to be true, the interview time is something that is usually an indication interested company and the candidate. I recently had the company hold a series of interviews, no longer than 10 minutes. I had never dealt with the company before and noticed that the reactions from the applicants was poor. It did not work well for the company, as it appears they were wasting the candidates time and did not know what they need. Although it was not the case, they were simply gleaning basic information quickly – they made the short list and go from there. It was a response to applicants who got us to thinking about the presentation and what that shows the candidates about the company. We were able to overcome objections interviews were conducted, prepping candidates to know that it was 15 minutes or less …. so expectations were set for something short and sweet. Even with that, there was still some hesitance from the leadership candidates in process and business.

Be aware that there are so many characters and situations within the hiring process that affect the outcome. Acquiring the right people in the art, best done I think a short concise bursts that make the best use of short-term and benefit the most with quick action. Lack of decisions and processes are reducing death skills acquisition, but seems to be always at the domestic landscape when employing people is the task at hand.


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