Quick Tips for interview – The SOAR Technique


stories should tell about actions that you took to bring positive change. The “SOAR” The story technique does just that: a sure-fire method for bridging your qualifications and performance needs of targeted business

One of the most important theories in product marketing applies here in career planning :. Distinguish your product from others on the market

John Folcarelli, Labor Attorney and Human Resource Manager for Laidlaw Education :. “Most people involved in planning their career tend to fly by the seat of your pants rather than to control the process it needs. For example, in an interview, instead of simply reacting to questions imposed by the interviewer, the job candidate can and should try to take on more responsibility to influence the direction of the interview. “The story technique does just that. It is a method for bridging your qualifications and past performance to the needs of the targeted company.

stories should tell about actions that you took to bring positive change. Story techniques cover the “before”, “action” and “after”. You can start by first explaining what had been required your attention: Situation. Next consider how this new challenge may benefit the enterprise and you: Opportunity. Briefly describe what you did: Action. Finally, describe the outcome and its benefits to you and your company: Results. Here are two examples of the use of radio or “SOAR”

Example 1

(S) I was selected by top management to lead the company in the US market and …

(O) I had the opportunity to have a major impact on the operations of the subsidiary.

(A) on the two-year period I developed a cohesive staff which went on to develop 1.5 million square feet of office properties in the $ 350 million that …

(R) Produced over $ 25 million of revenues and $ 4 million net cash flow for the company, resulting in a presentation to the President of the subsidiary.

Example 2

(S) Ownership of physical therapy and sports medicine company recruited me to …

(O) Lead, grow and simultaneously come stabilize the $ 4.7 million health systems company staffed by 85 professionals.

(A) I developed and executed all the plans and opened new markets in industrial and corporate health, …

(R) positioning the company for a very profitable $ 6.6 million sale, $ 2.5 million more than the ownership had anticipated.

Strong, well laid out philosophy, sound concepts of success and persuasive examples of your successes using the Story Techniques (soaring) are necessary to ensure a good position.


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