Technician Interview Questions


A maintenance technician is the person who is ultimately responsible for different types of projects, such as modification, maintenance, construction, repair of local service offices as drainage, parks, traffic lights, street lights, etc. On the other hand interview communication process in which the interviewer asks so many questions for job seekers. The following are some interview questions that one might be asking. These questions come up again and again in interviews for the position of technician.

1. Do you have any experience of maintenance technicians?

Well guys you should not have to worry about when you’re asked to answer this question. This question is framed to know your skills, knowledge and skills. If you’ve ever worked for any company you should include information about the projects. Tell them that you have so much enthusiasm for linking this position technician. Explain to them that you are not afraid of work and like to finish the project on time with efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Explain some duties and responsibilities you have taken in the past your company?

, I was very responsible for the control and manage several responsibilities, such as planning, organizing, monitoring, staffing, training, implementation and interpretation of some policies and procedures. I helped the club in a lot of activities in order to solve the problem issues.

3. Please explain some specific projects you’ve completed your last job?

The previous working place I moved so many projects. I performed different activities of the company related to the construction department as maintenance, repair, physical plants, electrical appliances, tools, and make of this equipment and tools. I was the only one who was responsible for handling and managing different files and materials of equipment. Repair street lights and traffic lights

4. Explain some skills, knowledge and skills

I’m really able to control and manage multiple projects simultaneously. I have had excellent knowledge of maintenance, construction and time management. Possess extensive knowledge of operations, tools, provisions, policies, etc. related functions, construction and maintenance.

5. What should we hire you for our business?

You can say that I have a good presence of mind, willingness to work, analytical qualities, communication skills, excellent communication and team that are very essential for this post.

So these are some questions you must ask the technician interview. It is important to be well prepared for the interview. You will surely be selected for the technician post.


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