The art of interviewing: Benchmark Interviews


. Introduction: Very often we see the interviewee is scratching their heads to find a way, as to how they can crack the interview

Get stiff

Take Training

Talk to the elders and experienced people

Take counsel

Read books, magazines … where they find some information like how to crack the interview

They just will not leave any stone unturned in their preparation for the interview. But, have you ever seen the interviewer to prepare for the interview? Many times, I’ve seen, many respondents did not even care to scan through The format / back candidates, before sitting “Across the interview table.” Probably, they think the interview is not a big-deal. Many interviewers ask questions just as it comes to mind, without knowing the purpose of these questions. What do you think how many interviews you can take in one day? If carried out, even if you are a recruiter and hiring for entry level position … you can take more than 35 hours of interviews in 10 hours. If you are taking more than 35 interviews … then I’m sorry, you’re not interviewing than just making a fool of yourself and misrepresent your company.

Let’s make a beginning

What you leave the interview? Interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked to obtain information about the recipient. Interviews can be divided into two rough types, interviews and assessment interviews for information. So, do you think you can take an interview with a man who has more than 10 years of experience? I do not think so. If you have more than 10 years of practical experience, but you’re just making light of his image, knowledge and respect for his interview. At that stage, it can only be discussed or communication for mutual growth and benefits.

I’ve seen in some companies fresher (People with less than 2 years experience) to interview the person for the position of HR-Manager (with experience of 6+ years). What is your locus standi … is very important. Here I like to share one incident / issue

Case Study: .. A Great Company as well as the Great Recruitment Consulting Firm … And A Great goof up

As I have said, earlier in my write-up “Employee Retention Process and marriage” recruitment is the first step to keep the employee. You’re marketing business

First Step :. Before the interview

Prepare for the interview: Take the time to go through the installation of a candidate. Try to understand their role and also prepare a list of questions you want to ask.

Program time. Do not give the same time more than one person.

Start the interview on time. If you think that you will not be able to start the interview at a certain time inform the applicant. Even if you have notified the applicant of the expected delay … apologized before the interview.

Environment for Interview

not interview in a place that is either too loud or too congested.

If possible, put the sign “Do Not Disturb” outside the cabin or room.

Ensure that the lights are just a man sitting there is convenient.

Record matter of the interview. If you are a voice recorder, which will be very good but if you do not … then write down.

Begin Interview

The candidate might think … Who are you to take my interview?



Designation website

Total Experience

Short about your role in the organization

Since how long you have been connected to the existing business.

Introducing the company you are representing. How big is the company? What are the various interests and business of the company? How it has grown in the last 3-5 years? What profit after taxes was … the last financial year? What are the future growth of your organization?

Discuss profile / job opening you are interviewing sitting opposite you. Identify the characteristics and level of knowledge you are looking for. Also, refer to inform him … why his resume has been short listed. What will the recruitment process you are going to follow? Finally, how many days will it take to close the position?

Discuss career growth position you are interviewing. What are the growth prospects? Do not make false commitments.

Now, smartly put the ball in his court and asked him to give a brief about his family, after education.

Start asking questions about current job and move to the previous task or job

Concentrating the following :.

1) His

2) span his control

3) Organizational Hierarchy

4) The main achievements in that job / role

5) the main challenges he has faced in his current position. career; in his life

6) Why he wants to change his job and why he has changed his work in the past?

Thank him when he talks about his achievements. Do it well and provoke him to speak as much as he can.

Ask him about his strengths and his personal success.

Do not forget to ask him about his goals, aspirations … where he sees himself in the next 5-6 years. What is his purpose in life? What are his dreams

Closing interview

Tell the candidate that it was a pleasure to talk to him and you are through the interview, however, if he has any questions; if he wants to ask or know anything … he can do it.

Tell him that someone from your team will get in touch with him in the future course of action.


the interview … weary of him. Compare smiling face. In the interview cabin … you are trying to sell the vision of the company; policies and procedures. When a candidate is out of the interview cabin, he will be making an advertisement for your company … Good or bad … The choice is yours

interview as an art. if you are an expert, you can literally interview anybody. For me, the purpose or result of the interview should be, “Does not matter if I choose a candidate or not, does not matter whether it is me or not, but we should be able to stay in touch with each other.” It should be impact it should have; that should be an indication that he should carry with him; which should be pleased that he should be able to reduce the communication

Remember taking interviews … you are actually unofficial ambassador of the company. you are a representative of the company; you are creating an image for your business and you are building a brand for your business. Does not matter whether you choose a person or not … unknowingly you’re doing an ad for your business.

If you are able to represent your business is correct and professional way he could join your business. ..if not now …. could be in the future. He might recommend you in his company or his contacts, but if handled in an unprofessional manner … he will not join your business and will tell others in his circle to not participate in the business.

I am sure, you will like this write-up. Do not share your views.

Keep Smiling. Continue to learn and continue to grow.



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