Wearing Cologne job


You’ve found what you think might be the perfect job. You hire a professional resume writer to make sure your resume is exactly right. You have a scheduled interview. And you’ve spent hours choosing just the right outfit to wear to an interview.

big day comes. You get up early. You practice questions and answers as you go over 100 times a week. You go over all the notes on the company. You know this business inside and out. Gas tank is full. You understand in sufficient time to allow for traffic or no parking.

Finally, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all week is now here. You’re shaking hands with a person who decides whether or not to work with this company is an option for you.

After what seems like only 10 minutes to interview ends. They say they’ll call you if they want another interview. You have no idea what went wrong. You practiced a week. You spend time on research. Several friends agree best outfit to wear.

What no one thought about was Cologne to put on in the morning. You chose it because it is the smell always get complimented on. You so wanted to make a good impression you knew that Cologne would do the trick. What you had not expected was that the interviewer found almost all the smell of cologne attack. As soon as you sat down and the interviewer caught whiff of cologne you were wearing, the interviewer began its own program of how quickly they could get through this interview to get that smell out of their office.

interviewer asked questions regularly, never heard answers. All interviewer could do was keep saying to him, “the smell is so bothersome, how do I get it out of here.” The interviewer did not ask more questions, they wanted the conversation so that the smell was gone.

I can not stress enough that no matter how much you think you are wearing a scent that others like wearing cologne a job could very well be the deciding factor in your not getting a second interview.

When going on a job interview, leave Cologne at home.


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