Why people choose to Interview


word interview from the French word interviewee suggesting that see between (entre voir = see: entre = between). It is up session. It is a personal encounter a particular purpose established. There is a face to face meeting kind of formal conference it is a conversation, the journalist, where facts or statements are induced by others to evaluate the ability before considering specific projects. It is a meeting for questioning, listen and consult. It is a formal meeting where one or more persons questioned, consultation, or evaluate the other person to accept for a particular job. It is a meeting or conversation as a journalist asks questions one or more persons from whom material is applied in a newspaper story, television broadcast, etc. Interview can be notified of the outcome of such a conversation or meeting for a specific end. It is a measuring tool for tracking the effectiveness of the interviewee.

job interview has its goal to measure the level of knowledge, skills, abilities and their job. Job interview is a process where the potential employee is valued by the employer for prospective employment of his company, organization or company. During this process, the employer hopes to assess whether a candidate is competent.

The interview can be direct, verbal in the form of question and answer to check knowledge, promptness, clarity, logical connection and the quality of the language correct usage, grammar pronunciation and parcel of the vocabulary interviewee uses .. The interview can be as dictation to check the handwriting, the correct spelling

The interview may test the ability of description – to describe self, family, childhood memories of school experience work and said positive and negative impressions of life and to provide feedback or express attitude result to see the strength of the positive or negative or healthy and balanced prevailing attitude. In life we ​​have to deal with the situation and be mature in handling the situation with maturity so as to ensure the continuity and growth.

The interview may be to assess the mental potential of the person by asking him his philosophy of life, his philosophy on earth, and what means he would implement towards implementation. The interview may be to see the physical and mental health of the recipient and his family. If the recipient is happy in the family that he would succeed in his office too. If he is sociable in the family and in the neighborhood, he will be the cause for the reputation of the office work too.

The interview may be to assess the ability of the recipient to accept his mistakes and victories, to test its maturity in coping with serenity, even in the presence of conflict and suffering. I he does not want to compromise and bring peace to promote healthy mutual relationship among the company may decay can have unhappy employees.


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